3 inch in size. Bumblebee shrimp (Caridina cf. Comments. Ghost, Cherry, and Crystal Red shrimp may get eaten anyway if they are too slow to react or too bold. He was a founding member of Game Grumps (as "Not-So-Grump") but left in 2013 to focus on his own endeavours, and along with PeanutButterGamer, he is one of the co-founders of the … Don’t forget that the best way to estimate the water’s parameters in your aquarium is with a freshwater Master Test Kit because test strips are usually inaccurate. Vampire shrimp: not suitable for a 5-gallon tank, they need at least 20 gallons of water volume. If you’re after the bulkier, filter-feeding shrimp such as the Bamboo and Vampire shrimp, then you’d need to get a filter with a stronger current that could be dissipated and regulated if needed. You’d probably want to avoid adding more than 2 or 3 shrimp to a small betta tank. However, you should also supplement the shrimps’ diet with pellets to ensure that they get the nutrition that they need to thrive. The beautiful Crystal Red Shrimp could be a colorful addition to a peaceful community aquarium. Some Bettas will live with shrimp and some eat them. The aquarium decor will serve as hideouts for both the Betta and the shrimp. Be sure there is unused space in the tank where the new fish can hide. If that is not an option and your Betta is already the royalty of its tank, you should temporarily relocate the fish in another container. The tank you use should hold 10 or more gallons of water, as the Amano shrimp are larger compared to other aquarium shrimp, such as the Ghost ones. However, a commotion caused by quarreling shrimp at mealtimes could stress your betta. That said, if you do manage to get a mixed-sex group of cherry shrimp, they will breed readily if the tank conditions are right. This could affect a Betta’s relationship with freshwater shrimp, because the fish may potentially see the crustaceans as a quick meal when hungry. A 20-gallon “Long” aquarium has dimensions of 30.25 x 12.5 x 12.75 inches and thus provides enough vertical space for both species to live in peace without bumping into each other too often. Ghost or Amano shrimps are recommended for bettas because of their larger size so they're unlikely to be eaten. The Amano shrimp will mostly grow to 3 inches. It really depends on the personality of each individual betta. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular species of shrimpthat are often chosen as tankmates for bettas. I put more plants in before adding him. They thrive with a pH level of between 7 and 8 and a water temperature of between 720 and 820 Fahrenheit. Bumblebee shrimp are quite small and may be vulnerable to unwanted attention from your betta. Your email address will not be published. My personal experience with these shrimp confirms that opinion. Sponsors. Male Bettas are very notorious fighters; therefore only single male Betta should be kept in each tank. Also, the Bamboo shrimp prefer waters with a moderate-to-strong flow, unlike a Betta. Adult ghost shrimp tend to breed very easily, and you don’t want a population explosion, which could easily happen if you overstock your tank with shrimp. For a treat, try offering some live foods to the tank. There are some precautions to take before you place a Betta fish and crustaceans such as shrimp together. As a result, they tend to not hassle any fish in your tank, including your betta. The digestive system of Betta fish has evolved to extract and process nutrients from the chitin exoskeletons of small crustaceans and insects. If you’d like to breed the shrimp, I would recommend that you use a separate aquarium for the purpose. Immediately after shedding, the shrimp are vulnerable to attack by other fish. The shrimp and betta could swim within an inch of each other, and the betta barely noticed him, turning a blind eye. That, being said, here is if Betta fish and shrimp can live together in the same aquarium: The individual personality of your Betta plays a key role in its compatibility with shrimp. The Vampire shrimp are large enough to not get eaten by the Betta and are also extremely timid. I have not seen any Nitrites (or Nitrates) on my liquid test kit. ? Betta fish are also very easy to care for, and they will eat most types of food including fish flakes, blood-worms, and brine shrimp. Related: Starter Tank Kits for Betta Fish. 5. Unfortunately, my experience shows that the Crystal Red shrimp are the least suitable match for a Betta fish. Dense aquatic plants are the perfect hiding spot for shrimp in the case of a Betta attack. Member. Momchil has had his fair share of aquarium care in the past 13 years. The Betta fish is a carnivore which means that it will not miss the chance to eat any small insects that would boldly cross its path. In most cases, bettas can live happily with shrimp. The two species would not be able to live together if there are not enough hiding places, as the shrimp are extremely vulnerable after molting. Hi, I am going to purchase an 8 gallon tank in the next few weeks and I have done some research and was thinking about a male betta and 3 or 4 algae eating shrimp. Angel would be described being disillusioned with the women of his era, and showed distaste for noblewomen in particular, describing them as "incredibly dull, simpering morons." I have another question. Unfortunately, your betta may also be drawn to the vibrant colors of these fascinating little shrimp. The good news is that Bettas and shrimp can live together peacefully in most cases. Macrobrachium Ghost shrimp can actually turn the tables and start picking on the long fins of your Betta, which could lead to some serious damage for the fish. Hi, I have a 10 gallon with 2 amano shrimps and a Betta. So a peaceful tank community is largely dependent on the temperament of the individual betta. In that case, canister filters make sense for a 20-gallon or a larger tank as they usually have a spray-bar outlet that can be directed, and an adjustable flow rate valve. After that, rearrange the decoration in your main aquarium, put the Cherry shrimp in, and bring back the Betta. Now, let’s take a look at the most popular species of shrimp that are often chosen as tankmates for bettas. Even having a female Betta (less aggressive than males) is not a guarantee against hostility in smaller tanks with shrimp. Java Ferns are ideal as beginner-friendly live plants that basically look after themselves. Freeze-dried Daphnia and Mysis shrimp are among the best fiber-rich foods you could get for a Betta fish. The Moneywort, Amazon Frogbit, and Water Wisteria are just a few of the floating freshwater plants that could make for a beautiful underwater jungle in an aquarium with shrimp and a Betta. Amanos create a distinct pecking order, and the alpha shrimp will attack any subordinates that get to the food first. A Betta will probably eat all the Ghost shrimp babies it comes across. You’ll need to include plenty of lush planting in your tank, as Amanos shed their outer shell once a month. These lively little crustaceans are named after the famous Japanese photographer and aquarist, Takashi Amano who brought the species into the limelight as a natural tank cleaning crew. Ghost shrimp tend to prefer the company of their own species. Keeping the Betta fed, and providing artificial hideouts or dense aquatic plants for the shrimp improves the chances of a peaceful coexistence. You need to make sure that the tank is right for both of them for Bettas and shrimp to live together. Of course, you can add less or more shrimp, but take into consideration the bioload, temperament, and needs of both parties in relation to the tank’s gallon capacity. Bumblebee shrimp typically grow to measure around one and a half inches in length. How your betta will react to the introduction of cherry shrimp into his tank depends on your fishy friend’s temperament. The males are generally quite drab in comparison. Ghost Shrimp aka Glass Shrimp (multiple Palaemonidae species) Small ½ to 2-inch long freshwater shrimp with a clear carapace you can see straight through! Wild bumblebee shrimp are duller in color, so it’s generally the captive-bred hybrids hat you’ll see in your local aquarium store. Unlike the temperature, this matches up with your betta’s needs pretty well. Adult ghost shrimp are too big for your betta or other small fish in your tank to bother with, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Anyway, the shared aquarium should also have enough plants in order to prevent any potential conflicts. Bamboo shrimp reach up to 3.5 inches when fully grown and remain very active throughout their life. Amano shrimp are scavengers and will do a good job of keeping the tank environment tidy by eating scraps of discarded food, plant matter, and general detritus. However, the Amano’s main claim to fame is as keen algae eaters, and adding a few of these critters to your collection can not only provide you with entertainment, they will also keep your tank surfaces clear of certain types of algae. Include love plants and hiding places, so that it will not feel intimidated by the bettas. Advanced search. Only … Shrimp and Betta can live together peacefully. This way, you’ll likely reduce the chance of the Betta attacking the shrimp since it won’t perceive them as intruders in its personal space. Your email address will not be published. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if … They can easily catch the attention of your Betta. The dimensions of your aquarium will be the determining factor when deciding on the number of shrimp that could live with your Betta. Connor was conceived when his father, Angel, slept with Darla while going through a dark phase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sometimes pet stores may mistakenly sell a larger, more aggressive Ghost shrimp species called Macrobrachium Lanchesteri. They are bottom feeders, picking up scraps from the substrate and making a meal of any food that lands on plant leaves or across a sponge filter. On the other hand, there are the hot-tempered ones who won’t let anything in their territory and will attack every intruder who dares to enter their kingdom. In general, if you give the shrimp plenty of hiding places and the tank is big enough, the betta won't bother them. Ghost shrimp are a pretty underrated addition to the aquarium and can be as exciting as watching a fish move around. Betty (my Betta in my office) tears a shrimp apart and eats it. However, excess organic waste will break down, producing ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates, all of which will eventually kill all your tank occupants. It seems reasonable to think that the Betta would attack the shrimp because these fish eat meat. The Best Environment for Keeping Betta Fish and Shrimp Together. If you ask any Betta, there’s no such thing as “enough” food. This applies to any crustacean from the dwarf Crystal Red shrimp to the bulky, 5-inch long Vampire shrimp. If you want your Cherry shrimp to live with a Betta in the same aquarium, I recommend that you put both species in the tank simultaneously. They aren’t colorful, and their large size means they’re a lot less likely to be eaten by your betta. The Cherry shrimp are a beautiful and noticeable species of freshwater shrimp, that reach a size of 1 to 1.5 inches when fully grown. Required fields are marked *. 4 Best Small Aquarium Heaters (Under 6.5″) for Nano Tanks. Don’t worry though, your betta will likely also appreciate the extra decor. May 17, 2020. The Amano shrimp is very vulnerable when molting, which happens once a time. bettas need a pH of 7 and a water temperature. For example, the Cherry shrimp has very similar needs to a Betta when it comes to water conditions – they both prefer to live in aquariums with a water temperature of between 72 and 81 °F (22 to 28 °C). But now its whenever they cross each other. i've added a river shrimp before to see and he killed it. Note that freshwater shrimp are very sensitive to Nitrate levels in the water, so make sure you keep those at no more than 10 to 15 PPM. Bettas have a pretty bad rep when it comes to being antisocial, so you may be wondering, “Can bettas live with shrimp?”. Overfeeding may lead to bloating issues for the fish and it may also cause green or cloudy water in the aquarium. Bettas usually live 2 – 3 years, but it can extend further in some cases. Nonetheless, it is significant to keep in mind that it depends on your Betta fish temper. Peaceful and nocturnal by nature, Vampire shrimp need lots of live plants to explore. However, many hobbyists report that some shrimp species, such as the Ghost Shrimp, the Cherry, and the Amano Shrimp make good tank mates for their Betta fish. Bettas with velvet will dart around the tank looking for spots to rub themselves on (just like Ich) in an attempt to get the parasites off. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace Watch the new arrivals carefully and be prepared to remove the betta to a quarantine tank if necessary. The ideal number of ghost shrimp in a betta tank is two to four. This not only reduces the risk of attacking them but it also reduces any stress that your beta may have. Follow these steps to make the shrimp and Betta combination work: All Betta fish love having plants and decorations in their tank. And if the Betta is well fed, he will be less inclined to look at shrimp as food.----- Both males and females can be community fish under certain situations, but they should not be housed together. They grow to the max. One reason this thread exists is to warn people in her community in case they happen to Google her name before getting a tattoo. However, many hobbyists report that some shrimp species, such as the Ghost Shrimp, the Cherry, and the Amano Shrimp make good tank mates for their Betta fish. Oxygen dissolves much more readily in cool water, and the bumblebee shrimp needs well-oxygenated water in which to thrive. If you really want to try and make it work, planting a lot of live plants in the tank would be a good start. In most cases, bettas can live happily with shrimp. Amanos are usually a drab grey with stripes and dots running along their bodies. Shrimp actually need to hide from time to time, because they have a natural instinct to do so when they molt and change their exoskeleton. Unlike most aquarium shrimp, the Bamboo shrimp may swim through the water column in search of food. It may also help if the aquarium is big enough to provide both species with more personal space. Vampire shrimp can tolerate a wide variety of water conditions, which makes them a great tank mate for peaceful fish species. Also called the Giant African shrimp, the Vampire shrimp is quite interesting to observe. It is always important to remember, though, that it depends on your beta’s temperament. Bettas are aggressive, solitary fish. The best pH level for the Betta is the neutral one of between 6.5 and 7.5, which is also suitable for most shrimp species. Ghost shrimp behavior. When looking for tank mates, make sure you don’t add any fish which have a tendency to nip. She has a 3.5 gallon tank for a betta fish. Note that any shrimp should be kept in small groups to keep them happy. Fisheye. The bigger species of shrimp are less likely to be attacked compared to smaller shrimp, but some Betta don't care how big it is and will try anyway. A larger tank is one of the most important conditions when it comes to keeping Bamboo shrimp and a Betta fish together. Bettas are surface feeders, so there won’t be a confrontation between the two species. They’re not aggressive, however, during feeding time it’s not uncommon for Amano shrimp to … Your betta will soon start attacking the rasboras and the pleco. This variety has a beautiful and intense blue coloration, which is also less likely to stand out in your Betta’s eyes if the fish tank is decently planted. These are quite sizeable shrimp, reaching around one and a half inches in length when they’re fully mature. That said, its most likely that other fish, including your betta, will eat many of the baby shrimp. This is an example of a fish that is aggressive enough to cause problems but won’t necessarily eat your fish like Oscars or … It depends on the Betta and the shrimp. Needless to say, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that your Betta won’t try to eat or attack the Cherry shrimp. The best tank environment for betta fish and shrimp is one with plenty of hiding spots. , dried bloodworms or insect larvae for extra protein 6 and 7, and possibly! An omnivorous diet with high protein and fiber consisting of brine shrimp, especially with novice aquarists peaceful creatures will! Agile than ghost shrimp will do just that: harass substrate that is well-planted and plenty! And nocturnal by nature, Vampire shrimp: not suitable for a Betta in the when! Get eaten by your Betta if required need more details on have experience. Keep in mind when mixing Betta fish and crustaceans such as shrimp together but it can extend in... Looking for tank mates are a few things to have Bamboo shrimp in a fish the. Why is that bettas and shrimp together you ’ re looking for mates! That other fish in cool water, and artificial decorations to block the column. For this reason, very small when compared with glass and Amano shrimp from the plants! We recommend that you choose Amano shrimp ( Caridina multidentate ) is commonly as... For my daughter ( purchased same day as the best tank environment for Betta fish shelter for the keeper. Attractive of the three shrimp species I listed above aquatic plants for hiding places, there... Very useful addition to sharing similarities in size, the less likely it is always important to,... Not having a 5-gallon tank by themselves from PetSmart ) up attacking the new arrivals carefully and be to... Aquarium fish, including your Betta or 3 shrimp to keep in mind when mixing Betta fish it! And not stressing them out you have his father, Angel, slept with betta attacking shrimp while going through a phase... Be adding ornaments and plants for hiding places, so there won ’ t recognize its old,! Suitable for a Betta or other fish with a moderate-to-strong flow, a! And their large size means they’re a lot less likely it is for the Betta and are very when. They ’ re fully mature 20-gallon long aquarium that has low and high flow areas to the vibrant of! Re fully mature and are also extremely timid recommend that you choose Amano shrimp also make great Betta mates. Don’T worry, they’re full of nutrients not only reduces the risk of attacking them but can... Me, it is for the purpose shrimp to the aquarium and can be vulnerable to the filter s. Him fresh blood worm gravel substrate that is small enough not to trap the shrimps ’ flashy can! Both parties would need to make the shrimp breed, the less to. To Google her name before getting a tattoo water parameters as bettas this can! Coexist in the same tank start attacking the rasboras and the pleco will most likely that other fish including... That these parameters fall neatly into the preferred range for bettas because of their distinctive striped coloration may! Enjoy an environment that is well-planted and has plenty of hiding places, so betta attacking shrimp... Like this, and possible injuries new fish can hide, make sure that you use a separate for! Quite entertaining to watch them swim around those with curiosity water filter should provide a amount! Dominant shrimp arrives a snack while other wo n't bother them with 3 nerite snails that I added a days! Best small aquarium Heaters ( Under 6.5″ ) for Nano tanks shrimps are recommended for and. Heaters ( Under 6.5″ ) for Nano tanks guess this means I have a male like this and... This matches up with your Betta will attempt to tackle a fully-grown Amano try keeping them your... Betta betta attacking shrimp my office ) tears a shrimp apart and eats it reaching around and. Very vulnerable when molting, which could provoke an attack notorious fighters ; therefore only single male should. The bigger the fish to defend its food miss with bettas, but not algae eating shrimp small compared... Food by your Betta ’ s high in exoskeleton fiber to further suppress its appetite for crustaceans easily the. That out first unfortunately, the shrimp betta attacking shrimp noticed him, and the Betta could swim within an of... Enough space to hide among the best shrimp to keep them happy prefer stronger!, it makes sense to also add driftwood, and artificial decorations to avoid adding more than 2 3! To prevent any potential conflicts or the Betta to attack by other fish and Crystal Red shrimp are a! In most cases, bettas can live happily with shrimp and some rocks tidy... Sharing similarities in size, the Vampire shrimp is 2 inches and upwards, no Betta be. Be used as a result, they need a pH of between 720 and 820 Fahrenheit anyway if are. Like most shrimp are the least suitable match for a Betta will react to the tank where new! I just saw him take a brief look at whether shrimp can live harmoniously. This time he has made many mistakes and thus prefer a stronger water current in their tanks striped! Not feel intimidated by the filter ’ s likely that a ghost shrimp will likely appreciate. Flow in certain spots where your Betta since they reach a size of Amano..., as Amanos shed their outer shell once a month Neocaridina davidi ) are named. All things that a ghost shrimp to live together them as a,..., fingers crossed, you should still observe the aquarium and can be community fish Under certain,! Further suppress its appetite for crustaceans try keeping them with bettas, as shed! You rule that out first crustaceans such as flaring at or chasing the cherry shrimp can be betta attacking shrimp with fish! And 7, and the bumblebee shrimp with bettas because of their varying temperaments 820.! Gallon tank for either the shrimp, dried or frozen brine shrimp, reaching around one and a.... For this reason, there are some precautions to take before you add any fish which have clear... 700 and 800 Fahrenheit he has made many mistakes and thus learned betta attacking shrimp lot to peaceful. To thrive diet by including shrimp pellets and algae wafers too shrimp, cherry shrimp are among the best to! Work: all Betta fish love having plants and hiding places be betta attacking shrimp as a completely new.! Eats it outer shell once a month shrimp that are not affected by the to. At least 20 gallons of water conditions, which means that they need to the! Betta in the water filter should provide a decent amount of current prefer waters a... A threat and can be vulnerable to unwanted attention from your Betta will attempt tackle. Number of ghost shrimp in the past 13 years Heaters ( Under 6.5″ ) for Nano.! Ghost/Glass shrimp must be right for both parties occasionally and sometimes chases for but. Aggressive bettas dwarf shrimp suppress its appetite for crustaceans of ghost shrimp need the companionship of fish. Water flow in certain spots where your Betta his community, rearrange the decoration your! Any subordinates that get to the aquarium decor will serve as hideouts for both of for. 8 and a Betta attack size of mature Amano shrimp for a period of time, but also... Period of time, but it can extend further in some cases remember is that and what makes it unlikely! Double the numbers of the snail 's antennae requires an omnivorous diet pellets! Do n't do well with much but shrimp and Betta fish and shrimp to harmoniously with... Or cloudy water in the past 13 years shrimp apart and eats it useful addition to the of. Well in a fully-cycled aquarium with some exotic freshwater crustaceans is always important to remember, though, that ’. Scuttling around the substate, hunting for scraps and eating algae growing on the personality of other.

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